Comixtravaganza Kick-Off with David Lasky at the Ballard Branch

The library is ringing in the new year with Comixtravaganza, our second annual free, all ages, city-wide comics festival.    Kids, teens, and adults can make their own comics, enter a drawing contest, watch classic cartoons, and lots more. We’ll provide the art supplies, the professional artists, and the free food–you bring the creativity. It all starts this week in Ballard.

Now, we know that in the past,  comic books have sometimes gotten a bad rap. Their fans have been written off as either hopelessly immature (and therefore unable to read books without pictures) or else pathetically nerdy.

But not anymore.  These days, comics and graphic novels cater to sophisticated readers and art lovers of both genders and all ages.  They cover topics as diverse as coming of age in Quebec, the Holocaust, and true crimes of the 19th century.  In fact, there’s so much good stuff out there that the selection can be a little overwhelming.

If you wish you knew more about the contemporary world of comics, but aren’t sure where to start, let local comics star David Lasky point you in the right direction. 

Lasky will be at the Ballard Branch on Wednesday, Jan. 7 at 6:30 p.m.  He’ll kick off Comixtravaganza with a discussion of his own work in the context of some of his favorite artists.  He will, in all likelihood, blow your mind with his awesomeness.  Not for nothin’ was he shortlisted for a Stranger Genius award last year.  Plus, there will be free food.  (That’s right, I said free food.)

Don’t miss all the other free, all ages Comixtravaganza events happening all over town this month, including a comic-making workshop at the Ballard Branch taught by Lasky and his Urban Hipster co-creator, Greg Stump, who draws sweet comics for the Stranger.

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