Suddenly everything has changed

I’ve never been able to keep a New Year’s resolution. In 2006, after a string of particularly bad dates, I vowed to take a year off of dating. Three weeks later, I met my partner of almost seven years and counting! As you reflect on the past year and focus on goals for the next, check out some noteworthy reads that revolve around those unexpected and life-altering moments that happen despite our plans.

The Great EscapeThe Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
On her wedding day, Lucy Jorik decides to say “I don’t” to her fiancé and a life of privilege, and “I do” to a rebellious man on a motorcycle waiting outside the church. At his hideaway in the Great Lakes, she must determine her new destiny, and whether or not it will include this mysterious and emotionally damaged motorcyclist.


The Dive from Clausen’s PierThe Dive from Clausen’s Pier by Ann Packer
23-year-old Carrie Bell is poised to leave her predictable life in Wisconsin when her fiancée is paralyzed in a diving accident. The choice she makes has far-reaching repercussions on both her life and the lives of those close to her.



Let the Northern Lights Erase Your NameLet the Northern Lights Erase Your Name by Vendela Vida
Clarissa discovers that she is not biologically related to her father on the day of his funeral. After uncovering her real birth certificate, she embarks on a journey to Finland that forces her to confront demons from her past, as well as choices for her future.



Dear LifeDear Life by Alice Munro
Munro’s most recent collection of short stories (after 2010’s Too Much Happiness) continues to showcase her incredible talent for illuminating the moments in life that transform us, from a writer who decides to send and follow a figurative “message in a bottle,” to a returning World War II soldier who departs his train a stop early to begin a new life without his fiancée.


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2 Responses to Suddenly everything has changed

  1. misha says:

    Great post! And what a wide variety of books–something for everyone!

  2. Frederick Ungrich II says:

    The blog site for our Seattle Public Library is a definite find! Thanx, and I’ll be back.
    Only hopeful. -r

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