Do you like speculative fiction? Check out Seattle’s own Clarion West!

GaimanClarionWestselfieThe Clarion West Writer’s Workshop is a gem of the Seattle literary world. They hold workshops throughout the year and a fantastic, crowd-funded write-a-thon for writers around the world.

Every summer they hold a six-week course for aspiring writers of speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism, and slipstream) with six top notch writers in the field. Too many talented authors have come through the program as instructors and students to count. A 30-year anniversary anthology called Telling Tales will give you a sense of the wide-ranging talent and impact of the program.

The 2013 roster of instructors was especially exciting and students had a week each with Elizabeth Hand, Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, Margo Lanagan, Samuel R. Delany and Ellen Datlow.

That line-up pretty much made anyone who wasn’t a student in the program swooningly jealous. Not to mention the fact that Neil Gaiman recently posted a selfie with his Clarion West students (above).

Each week that an instructor is in town with Clarion West they also do a public event with the University Book Store. This was the first year that the library hosted two of the six events with Clarion West, with horror author Joe Hill and eminent science fiction author Samuel R. Delany. And man, did Clarion West know how to bring some fun, excited people to an event–the energy was incredible!

These events were the highlight of my summer. As a librarian it is basically my dream to do author events like these–with authors I personaMe&JoeHilllly admire for the fans who love them right back.

If you missed these events, you can catch the Joe Hill and Samuel R. Delany podcasts. Two things to know about these podcasts: Samuel R. Delany started his talk by saying: “Here I am, your favorite dirty old man.”

And Joe Hill tweeted this ahead of time, so you’ve been warned:


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