Hauntings and Visitations

Here are a few eerie diversions to creep you out this week!

Babayaga by Barlow   This House is Haunted by Boyne   Ghosts Know by Campbell   Memory of Trees by Cottam   Parasite by Grant

In Toby Barlow’s Babayaga, an ageless Russian witch, or babyaga, in post-world War II Paris, charms a detective who is mixed up in a CIA plot involving Nazis and, strangely, the babayagas. Barlow weaves folklore, humor and history in an engagingly eerie thriller.

Apparently Eliza Caine hasn’t read DuMaurier’s Rebecca or Bronte’s Jane Eyre or she’d know not to answer the ad for a governess at a remote English country manor in This House is Haunted by John Boyne. Even before she sets foot in Gaudlin Hall to find out the children live there alone, a malevolent entity threatens her very existence.

Ramsey Campbell introduces outspoken talk show host Graham Wilde, who calls popular psychic Frank Jasper a fake and winds up implicated in a media scandal that paints Wilde as a kidnapper as a result of Jasper’s supposed ghostly informants, in Ghosts Know. Creeping terror and subtle distractions lead Wilde into a dark alley of fear and regret.

A billionaire insists on recreating a medieval forest on his Welsh coastline property and hires Tom Curtis to oversee the project in a moody, frightening battle that pits humans against ancient spirits in The Memory of Trees by Francis Cottam. The land is indeed haunted and otherworldly beings are best not disturbed.

The bioengineered tapeworm created by the supposedly well-intentioned SymboGen corporation in Mira Grant’s Parasite saves Sally’s life after a horrendous accident that nearly kills her. Now, however, Sally has no memory of her life before the accident and other people show signs of malevolent possession in this shivery medical thriller.

 Happy Halloween to our readers!

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