Science Fiction Friday: Staff Favorites

In the Garden of IdenMatterRunning with the DemonGreen ThumbSteelheart

Here are a few science fiction (and one fantasy) book recommendations from our staff:

In the Garden of Iden by Kage Baker
In the dystopian future, biodiversity and cultural treasures have been lost through human folly… or would be, if a shadowy entity called “The Company” was not working behind the scenes, sending immortal misfits through time to live in the past, collecting rare species and valuable artifacts for “discovery” later on. This is book one in a series that blends science fiction with historical fact, delicious language and a healthy dose of epic romance. — Anne, Central

Matter by Iain M. Banks
This title is from Banks’ Culture series. There is no order to the series, so read the books in any order you like. Matter takes place in the far-off future on a planet known as a Shellworld. The plot revolves around the ruling family. While one son, thought dead, goes to space for help, his brother tries to avoid assassination. War, explosions and much more! — Meranda, Central

Running with the Demon by Terry Brooks
In this story, Nest Freemark is a teenage girl with power she doesn’t fully understand, in a small town that is rapidly becoming more than ordinary. If you think you want to try an urban fantasy novel, this story is a great start. This book is first in a series. — Lindsay, Central

Green Thumb by Tom Cardamone
In a post-apocalyptic world where life has evolved in unexpected ways, Leaf and his two-dimensional friend Skate find their lives permanently altered by the arrival of Scallop and his father. This is the kind of book you’ll want to reread over and over, and annoy all of your friends by forcing them to read it. It’s lovely, disturbing, heartbreaking and so wonderfully original you’ll wish for more stories in this bewitching world. — Jared, Montlake

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson
Superhuman Epics seize control of Newcago (future Chicago) and David, whose father was killed in the takeover, aligns himself with the resistance. David finds Epics can be eliminated as the story builds to a climactic battle of vengeance and retribution. He falls in love, but his romantic interest turns out to be not at all what he expected! A fun, well-paced read that keeps you hanging on, this young adult novel is a must for sci-fi fans! — Bob, Central

See our Winter Staff Favorites brochure online or at your local branch for suggestions for children, teens and adults.

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