Movie Mondays: Guns, Car Chases And Psychopaths! What More Could a Girl Want?

I’ve always been one of those girls that’s enjoyed a good action flick, but I have to admit I’m kind of picky…shocking, I know.  I tend to prefer campy humor without sacrificing intelligence, an edge of your seat ride that should involve chase scenes, guns, and fire, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a slight moral curve even though sometimes the good guy doesn’t always make it and sometimes isn’t necessarily all that “good.”

Click here to view Savages in the SPL catalogSavages, based on the book by Don Winslow, takes us to Southern California where Ben (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Chon (Taylor Kitsch) are the kings of the pot business and along with their shared lover, O (Blake Lively), live a pretty pleasure filled lifestyle. All of that changes when the Queen of the Mexican drug cartel decides she wants what they have and will have it by any means necessary. Add a corrupted DEA agent and a plethora of shady characters and you have utter brilliance….and guns!

Charlie (Dax Shepard) is hiding out under the Witness Protection Click here to view Hit & Run in the SPL catalogProgram in the small town of Milton. When his girlfriend, Annie (Kristen Bell) gets offered the job of a lifetime, Charlie decides to come out of hiding and drive her to Los Angeles. An adventure begins as Annie’s ex-boyfriend refuses to let go, Charlie’s old gang is determined to track him down, and the Marshall assigned to Charlie’s case doesn’t think any of this is a good idea. Hit and Run is a little mix of sweet with some great chase scenes, which makes this movie great for men and women!

Click here to view Seven Psychopaths in the SPL catalog

All Marty McDonagh (Colin Farrell) needs to do is write an excellent screenplay, he already has a title, Seven Psychopaths, but is lacking inspiration. Marty’s friend, Billy Bickle (Sam Rockwell) takes it upon himself to help out his dear friend by placing an ad in the paper for a psychopath meet and greet.  And if having psychopaths knocking on your door isn’t enough, we’ve got some dog-knapping gone wrong, some internal imaginings of Marty’s screenplay, and Hollywood. In Seven Psychopaths it’s oh so fun to watch the madness ensue!


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