Sleuthing for a good mystery?

I don’t know why, but somehow reading a good mystery has a soothing effect on me. Go figure. The Library has lots of mysteries, but how to know which ones you will like? Librarians are always happy to talk to you and try to match up your tastes with the “right” book. There are also some great lists of recommended mystery reading, and here are some to get you started:

The Independent Mystery Booksellers Association has come up with a wide-ranging list of excellent mysteries, The 100 Favorite Mysteries of the 20th Century.

To see what other Seattlites are reading, check out the Top 25 Bestsellers list from the Seattle Mystery Bookshop located dowtown in Pioneer Square. (They also have lots of great author readings.)

Your very own The Seattle Public Library has produced a number image-of-woman-with-magnifier-courtesy-of-magitisa.jpgof mystery book lists. My favorites are Seattle Mysteries , Historical Mysteries, and Mysteries with Women Detectives. To see all of our reading lists, mystery and otherwise, check out our Reader’s Corner.

Happy Sleuthing!

One thought on “Sleuthing for a good mystery?”

  1. How nice to have easy links to these great mystery lists! Another resource I enjoy is the Library’s free monthly e-newsletters, NextReads, full of suggestions of new books as well as older gems. There’s a monthly MYSTERY newsletter, and that’s how I discovered Person of Interest by Theresa Schwegel. You can register for the NextReads newsletter at Readers Corner (the link is half way down the page).

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