Have you heard about “Seeds of Compassion” ?

dalai-lama-book-cover.jpgA historic five-day gathering to focus the world’s attention on the importance of nurturing kindness and compassion will take place at large-scale venues in Seattle from April 11 to 15, 2008. This spiritually-significant event will include public presentations by the Dalai Lama, as well as other luminaries. For a complete listing of events see Seeds of Compassion.

At the local level, the children’s, young adult and adult services librarians at Green Lake Branch are inspired to join forces and mount an interactive display, and to compile a list of suggested books for all age levels in the community. We invite you to visit our Branch to exchange seed packets in our “Sow Seeds of Compassion” display.

We also invite YOU, the reader, to contribute to and expand this list for our diverse communities in Seattle, and elsewhere. What books are you familiar with that signify compassion, or can help people become more compassionate by reading them? Feel free to provide your favorite author/title(s) and short comments at the end of this list. Let’s share our knowledge and awareness of compassion so that everyone can benefit!

Sow Seeds of Compassion:

Recommended Reading for adults, teens and children



Kindness in a Cruel World by Nigel Barber

Buddha Heart, Buddha Mind by Robert R. Barr

Ordinary Grace by Kathleen Brehony

Meditation, Mind & Patanjali’s Yoga by Swami Bhaskarananda

Freedom in Exile by Dalai Lama XIV

The Universe in a Single Atom by Dalai Lama XIV

Five Spirits by Lorie Eve Dechar

The Bond Between Women by China Galland

Quotation Marks by Marjorie Garber

Healing Emotions by Daniel Goleman

Forgiveness by Charles L. Griswold

Mother Teresa by Christopher Hitchens

Cultivating Compassion by Jeffrey Hopkins

Future of Peace by Scott A. Hunt

Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch

Firstlight by Sue Monk Kidd

Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg

The Force of Kindness by Sharon Saltzberg

Jewish Parenting Wisdom by Steven Rosman


Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillawhirligig-book-cover.jpg

Whirligig by Paul Fleischman

Accidents of Nature by Harriet McBryde Johnson

Crash by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli


Can You Greet the Whole Wide World? by Lezlie Evans

Under the Lemon Moon by Edith Hope Finebear-feels-sickbook cover.jpg

That’s What Friends Are For by Florence Heide

Somebody’s New Pajamas by Isac Jackson

Hug Time by Patrick McDonnell

My Most Favorite Thing by Nicola Moon

How Kind by Mary Murphy

Zen Ties by Jon Muth

Kermit the Hermit by Bill Peet

Because Brian Hugged His Mother by David L. Rice

Thanks and Giving All Year Long by Marlo Thomas

The Candy Shop by Jen Wahl

Bear Feels Sick by Karma Wilson

Please use the comment form to add your suggestions to this list …

2 thoughts on “Have you heard about “Seeds of Compassion” ?”

  1. Hello from Milwaukee to you and everyone at Green Lake Library. It’s great to see such a wonderful line-up of events planned for the branch. I’ll be visiting just before then and will plan to stop in and say hello! I’d like to recommend another title for your list,
    “Meeting Faith : the forest journals of a black buddhist nun,” Faith Adiele, New York : W. W. Norton & Co., c2004. It was a wonderful account of this most unlikely journey of an African-American woman toward a monastic life among Buddhist nuns, with the wondrous sights, sounds, and smells of Thailand as the backdrop. It was truly mesmerizing. Cheers, Joan

  2. In addition, here are some non fiction titles for young people.

    Generosity by Cynthia Klingel
    The Dalai Lama by Demi
    Somewhere Today: A Book of Peace by Shelley Thomas More
    Why War is Never a Good Idea by Alice Walker
    A Life Like Mine: How Children Live Around the World by UNICEF
    Journey for the Planet by David Gershon
    Rabbit’s Gift: A Fable from China by George Shannon
    Thanks and Giving All Year Long by Marlo Thomas

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