Plush You!

I love crafting.  However–and it pains me to admit this–I’m not very good at coming up with top notch project ideas.  I usually steal ideas from craft books. 

So I get really excited when I find a great book like Plush You! Loveable Misfit Toys to Sew and Stuff, by Seattle artist and Schmancy owner Kristen Rask.   This book has dozens of full-color photos of cute, squishable, and sometimes bizarre handmade plush items, many crafted by local artists. 

Eighteen patterns in the back of the book allow you to crib many of the designs, like Wiggle, the Sweater-Wearing Tooth, or Sir Sulks-A-Lot, a purple blobby creature who explains that he is of a “generally caustic disposition.” 

Many of the projects are cheap and easy to make.  I made this set of breakfast magnets based on the designs of local artist Mucho (displayed in all their glory on my refrigerator) for only a few dollars :

                  Breakfast magnets featuring Dearie Toast and Darling Bacon

Of course, if you’re not in a crafting mood, you can just enjoy the beauty of the book and stock up on plush at Rask’s store Schmancy, which is a pleasant stroll away from Central Library.  And be sure to check out the Plush You! blog for more plushy goodness.

4 thoughts on “Plush You!”

  1. I never thought that bacon could be soooo good looking, but you managed to accomplish that. I checked this book out from the library, and loved it so much I’ve since bought it as a gift for a crafty (definitely craftier than I) friend. How cool that it’s Seattle-ish.

  2. Eggs and toasts that are too cute to eat!

    I LOVE this book! I haven’t had a chance to try any of the patterns yet, but your happy toasts and eggs inspire me.

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