A conversation with Daniel Schorr

It’s been more than a week since he came to Town Hall, but our conversation with Daniel Schorr is still on my mind. Mr. Schorr shuffled out on fragile limbs but, at nearly 92, his wit and mental clarity are razor sharp and  “the voice”- – pure gravitas.  His relationship with us seemed almost intimate.  We offered a standing ovation when he stepped onto the stage; he seem genuinely touched by our welcome. Mr. Schorr told us something he’s never told an audience about how his father’s death affected him. But I’m keeping that to myself – but you can listen to the  podcast. 

Eric Lui, President of the Seattle Public Library Board of Trustees, interviewed him with questions centering on his new book Come to Think of It We heard how he creates his editorials for NPR by keeping himself immersed in the news of the day – and a very good research assistant. He told tales of his days with Richard Nixon-the president who put him on his list of his enemies and had him investigated by the FBI.

He defined his role as someone who helps to convey meaning in a world awash in information.  Mr. Schorr made it clear that he values his experience and perspective as his most important assets. But it’s the courage he’s shown over the years to stand up for his values that make him so special. 

One thought on “A conversation with Daniel Schorr”

  1. Thank you for reminding me about the podcast! There have been several things from that evening with Mr. Schorr that I have wanted to revisit. He was absolutely amazing!

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