April Question of the Month: An irregular series

bnr_askaquestion.gifThe reference librarians at Seattle Public Library are pretty darn amazing.  They don’t know everything, instead they know where to find everything.   As part of an irregular series of posts we salute the talented and dedicated reference staff at your local library.   Names and other identifying information have been removed from the questions we showcase.  Got a stumper? Click on Ask a Librarian.  It’s what we do. 

“What is $161,000.00 in 1987 dollars worth in today’s dollars?”

We found a calculator on the web at http://www.measuringworth.com/uscompare/
that gives the answer to your question using various measurements.  Be aware that current data is only available through 2007.

In 2007, $161,000.00 in 1987 dollars was worth:
$293,856.18 using the Consumer Price Index
$263,229.41 using the GDP* deflator
$378,036.94 using the nominal GDP per capita
$470,271.51 using the relative share of GDP

*GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product

If you need help determining which result is most appropriate for you, follow the link Measures of Worth on the calculator website.

To cite this data please use the following – Samuel H. Williamson, “Five Ways to Compute the Relative Value of a U.S. Dollar Amount, 1790 to Present,” MeasuringWorth.Com, 2008.

2 thoughts on “April Question of the Month: An irregular series”

  1. • Hello bloggers, it is my pleasure to be participating in an internship here at the Seattle Public Library, L.E.A.P. program. As a blind person going through vocational rehabilitation at the Washington state department of services for the blind orientation and trading center, “O.T.C.”. This has been an excellent opportunity to hoan my skills for my new found career in the world of assistive technology. One of my tasks was to access the libraries web site for accessibility using assistive technology, particularly screen readers. After taking lots of notes and completing several tasks that regular patrons of L.E.A.P. would attempt, I found the web site to be very informative and some what well organized, however as with most web sites it had some organizational issues. The most obvious of which were the headings being little out of order, some of the links were not labeled accurately enough for screen reader use. It was also very difficult to register for a library card online. Being somewhat of an advanced J.A.W.S. user I was able to overcome these difficulties. But the question is, can the average visually impaired or blind user access these features? The answer is YES, but not without some guidance or prior experience using advanced techniques. Having been given the opportunity to access their site and make recommendations, I hope we can look forward to some improvements. I look forward to working with more of the L.E.A.P. patrons in achieving their goals and using the library resources to their full advantage.

  2. The blog’s editorial board thanks Greg very much for his helping us out with the site, and we’ll be following up with him in person for specific ideas for site access improvements for the visually impaired. (-:

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