Found in the stacks: Women who boat & cook!

Wandering through the closed stacks at Central, I stumbled across a classic in the maritime genre – a book that could be considered timeless: The Woman’s Guide to Boating & Cooking!

Let’s dive deep into the wonderful world of yachting courtesy of Lael Morgan:

 A recipe for Rock Lobster-Langouste begins:

               “ Kill Lobster “

                        (Couldn’t I just maim it?)

Some other tasty dishes include:

  • Pressure-Cooked Goat Roast (if you are a troll and live under a bridge).
  • Country Captain (if you are a cannibal).
  • Blushing Bunny (because a sad bunny is not as flavorful).
  • Beef ‘N Beer (or as guys like to call it, Sunday).

In the now-we-know-why-folks-get-seasick department:

For meat on the verge of going bad, cook without fat in very hot frypan; this burns off outside spoilage, and the rest should be good.

       (Of course, you won’t be fat with all of the stuff spewing out of you).

Finally, all of you non-land lubbers will be able to use this handy flag chart. Feel free to use any and all of these for your travels across those swingin’ 70’s seas:        



One thought on “Found in the stacks: Women who boat & cook!”

  1. This should be in the Maritime Collection at Ballard, don’t ya think?! I’m sure they would especially like the Pressure-Cooked Goat Roast…cause Ballard has water, trolls, and a bridge!

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