The Vampire List, Part 1: Love Bites

cover of blood moonSo you want to read a vampire story. Your interest is understandable — they are compelling. But before you begin this journey, I warn you, once you start on this path, there’s no turning back. There are legends of a cure of course, but really, once a vampire groupie, always a vampire groupie. What’s worse is you can still maintain a fairly normal life even when half your mind is always thinking, “You know what would make this moment truly awesome? Vampires.” So before you pick up that first tale, remember this warning: Vampires are forever.

Over the next few weeks I will be presenting a series of lists containing authors and the vampire stories they write. For your convenience, these lists will be broken down into four main categories: Romance, Urban Fantasy, Traditional/Classic and Nontraditional/Modern.  As there has been a recent boom in the world of vampire romance, we’ll start the lists with stories about love.


Vampires generally have one thing in common: history. Look for these titles and others by these authors who write about the vampires of the past and the women who loved them.

Everyone likes a funny story, and what could be funnier than vampires in love? From chicklit to romantic comedy, these authors tell it like it is — with laughs.

If the past isn’t your thing and you only like a little laughter in your love stories, try these more serious, contemporary novels. Remember, they are romance with bite.

There are many more vampires out there looking for love, and the authors who tell their stories are too numerous to list. If your favorite author or vampire love story isn’t shown above, share it with us. We’re always looking for another good vampire tale. Or, if romance isn’t what you’re after, tune in next time when we discuss Urban Fantasy. It’s a topsy-turvy world out there and it’s full of vampires!

10 thoughts on “The Vampire List, Part 1: Love Bites”

  1. I believe you forgot Charlaine Harris and her barkeep/clairvoyant Sookie Stackhouse character who dates a vampire!?! One could argue it is more mystery, but there is romance and jokes. 😀

  2. Hi Maggie!
    Thanks for pointing out Charlaine Harris. Actually, she is one of my favorite vampire authors, although I generally consider her more in line with urban fantasy than romance. There is romance in the series, but the premise–vampires known to the public–is similiar to the work of authors like Laurell K Hamilton and Patricia Briggs.

    I think when all the lists are completed we will see a number of authors that could appear under multiple headings.

    I’m reading Fangs but no Fangs by Kathy Love at the moment. It’s an interesting romance with a lot of humor. You might check it out.

  3. or “Love Bites” and the rest of the series by Lynsay Sands. Definitely fits in the humorus/contemporary series 🙂

  4. don’t forget Octavia Butler’s last novel, Kindred, which reinvents the whole concept of vampires and vampirism. Put it under “modern” above.

  5. Hi, my favourite vampire romance at the moment is the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Its a modern vampire romance & is totally addictive.

  6. Hi Jemma,
    If you like Stephanie Meyer’s series you might also like L J Smith. She writes two diffrent vampire series, one called the Vampire Diaries and one called the Night World. The Vampire Diaries is a little more similiar to the Twilight Series. Both of L J Smith’s series are being reissued, and the Vampire Diaries is available through SPL.

    Thanks for your post!

  7. Don’t forget “You Suck: A Love Story” by Christopher Moore! That one goes squarely into the Humor category — it’s as irreverent and silly as anything else Moore has written. That is to say, it’s hilarious.

    Also, I’d like to submit another vote for Octavia Butler’s “Kindred”, which is certainly the best vampire novel I’ve ever read.

  8. Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story, by Christopher Moore (humor) and Sunshine by Robin McKinley (modern)…. I am not a vampire story person, but I liked both of these books.

  9. I found a a few rare finds myself
    and I decided I must post them.
    these I consider to be diamonds
    in the rough.

    check out the vampire files series
    by P. N. Elrod , its great, all
    about a vampire detective solving
    crimes in the 1920’s or 1930’s.

    Next we have those who hunt the night
    and traveling with the dead by
    Barbara Hambly. who ever heard
    of a vampire seeking the help of humans
    to solve the crimes of murdered vampires?

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