Reflecting on Baltic Rites of Spring IV

Traditional Estonia Village Dance performed by Thousand Winds dancersphoto courtesy of Leszek ChudzinskiAfter weeks of cold weather, co-hosts Leszek Chudzinski and Maryte Racys awaited this year’s Baltic Rites of Spring with trepidation. To produce a joyful celebration, Primavera’s arrival at 1000 Fourth Avenue (the Central Library) in Seattle was an absolute must. Would She ever arrive?

Finally, She appeared on April 26! Trumpets flared and Thousand Winds, the Estonian Seattle Dance Group, took the world over. They evoked the spirit of Tallinn, their ancient capital, the Baltic Coast, forests and meadows. As they danced, we rejoiced with them. Soon, too soon, the Thousands Winds swept off the stage; promising to return, one day.

Lietutis performing a Lithuanian Star pattern, photo courtesy of Leszek Chudzinski

 The applause had not died out, images of merry dancing were still swirling in the air, when Lietutis, (Gentle Rain), the Lithuanian Dance Group , stormed the stage. First, the adult dancers made the world fly with the Fight of the Swallows, and other traditional dances.

Next, 12-year-old Vaiva Palunas sang a cappella like a meadowlark, as if in a chapel. The Lietutis Children’s Group pranced on stage and won everyone’s hearts, for children never take a wrong step and get better every day.

Trajdeksnitis performing a traditional Latvian Fast dance photo courtesy of Leszek ChudzinskiTrajdeksnitis, the Latvian Dance Group, performed last. Their old dances revoked the beauty of Latvia, Golden Baltic Coast, pine forest, the spirit of medieval city of Riga, while their contemporary dances connected the new and the old worlds. Trajdeksnitis, deftly named after a little drum, invited the audience to join in the celebration and learn a dance. And joined we did, over 200 of us, dancing round and round, out the door, and into the streets…

You can catch a bit of the excitment by watching our YouTube video

Until next Spring,
~ Maryte and Leszek.

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One Response to Reflecting on Baltic Rites of Spring IV

  1. Rabbit says:

    Very impressive dancing in that YouTube video. Thanks for the illustration!

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