The Vampire List, Part 2: Urban vamps

If you’re looking for vampires, the best place to find them is in the library. I’m serious. Even the undead lThe Turning by Jennifer Armintroutike to read. You can also check the bank, the grocery store, the gas station, and, considering current gas prices, probably even catching a ride on a Metro bus. The point is, in the parallel worlds of urban fantasy, our fanged neighbors are not monsters, but normal, everyday people — they put their black capes on one shoulder at a time, just like anyone.

Below you’ll find a list of titles by authors who put vampires in everyday, often mundane, circumstances. Watch vampires deal with your problems — paying rent, finding child care, overthrowing evil — and see how someone with a bit more bite handles your stress load. And as always, if you don’t see your favorite author or story listed below, share it with us, because really, there can never be too many vampires, right?

The Urban Fantasy List

Public–stories in which vampires live openly among us:

Secret–vampires are still big into being secretive, but a select few of the fangless know about them, often with disastrous results:

3 thoughts on “The Vampire List, Part 2: Urban vamps”

  1. In the “secret” category, I recommend Agyar by Steven Brust – an extremely elegant, well-written little vampire novel.

  2. Oh I love Agyar and all of Brust’s Taltos novels. I’ve often wondered if he really means Vampire when he refers to Sethra as undead. In the Early novels I thought he did but later novels seem much more ambigious. I’ve also recently discovered Butcher’s work. Good stuff. Some one else who did an incredible vampire novel is Glen Cook. Sweet Silver Blues paints a strange and grim picture of a Vampire “nest.” A great read.

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