Can you name this monster?

A one-eyed monster from Wizards of the CoastRecently we hosted a Beholder statue from Dungeons & Dragons outside the Central Library’s 4th Avenue entrance.  My brain had been blocked with a confusion spell so I had to look up the name of the monster on the Wizards of the Coast site where I found this news item about filming a commercial in Seattle.

Did you know we have a set of D&D manuals here at the library? One of my favorites is Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual: Core Rulebook III, v. 3.5 by Skip Williams, Jonathan Tweet and Monte Cook. Take a look at other D&D guides and rule books at the Library, too.   ~ Jay Lee

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5 Responses to Can you name this monster?

  1. rabbit says:

    Good for us! Now we need books for the Deadlands system. Dice certainly have their charm, but in Deadlands poker chips and playing cards are integral to the game mechanics.

  2. sarah m. says:

    At MCPL (Monroe County Public Library, Monroe County, Indiana), we have 12 D&D books and (a binder!) at our ready reference shelf behind the desk. Do yours get used? I’ve never handed ours out, but I only work part time.

  3. Heather says:

    Sarah – yeah they do get used – different levels of use between the branches and the Central library. But hey this is the home of Wizards of the Coast and major D&D land.

  4. David says:

    My nephew is ga-ga for dungeon guides. So am I, even though I don’t play, there’s just something so neat about seeing all these fantastic taxonomies of oozes and goblins and berserkers and such. (Plus I met my first girlfriend in a Ballard High School’s D&D crowd. back in the day; neither of us played, which left us off to ourselves, getting to know each other)

  5. Rebecca says:

    Holy cow! That is so cool.

    We host a monthly D&D game here in Norman, OK and we have a lot of the guides – of course, they are always checked out!

    So…. how does one get their hands on a nifty statue like that???

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