TV, TiVo or DVD?

Take your pick — which couch potato format would you prefer? After sampling all three formats, I choose TV on DVD for my maximum viewing pleasure.

The obvious virtues pertain — no commercial breaks, no need to skip activities that may occur and interfere with a television program and (for an addling brain) the ability to keep the script sequential and fresh in one’s memory. Seattle Public Library owns a number of award-winning television series on DVD — I have been able to discover and delve into Freaks and Geeks, The Gilmore Girls (after enough hours of the show I came to believe Stars Hollow was my real life and my real life was a television show), Grey’s Anatomy, 30 Rock, Weeds, Masterpiece Theatre, House of Eliott and My So-Called Life to name a few…

It’s easy to reserve DVDs. Here’s a handy short video that shows a simple trick that will put you in DVD heaven.

~ Susan F.

3 thoughts on “TV, TiVo or DVD?”

  1. I like TV on DVD, too! A friend said something the other day that gave me pause, though: If ratings determine which shows survive their first few episodes and more and more of us wait until DVDs come out, how long will it take network executives to pick up on the wishes of the TV-to-DVD market?

  2. I love tv on DVD too! I watched the whole previous season of THE OFFICE all over again right before the new season started, just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything!!

  3. TV-on-DVD is a great way to watch the show LOST. I’m not sure if that’s available through the library, but if it is, people should try it. It’s much easier to follow when you can watch clumps of episodes all at once.

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