Nightstand Reading: Author Garth Stein and a special guest

When we asked Garth Stein to share his nightstand reading, the Seattle author of The Art of Racing in the Rain sent us a photo of a rather intriguing tower of books in his to-read pile. Here are his comments on the next four books he’ll be reading:

Bonk by Mary Roach
It’s got a great title. I heard Mary Roach on NPR and she sounded fascinating.

Flight of the Goose by Lesley Thomas
This is a book I’ve been meaning to read for a long time because of my Alaskan roots. I hope to get to it before the end of the summer!

Fast Guys, Rich Guys, and Idiots: A Racing Odyssey on the Border of Obsession by Sam Moses
I am looking forward to reading this classic racing memoir. Now that I know Sam, I hope I can keep a straight face while hearing his stories!

Angels in America by Tony Kushner
I have an idea for a story and I think there may be something relevant in here. I’ve seen the play, seen the TV movie, now I want to read the play to catch all of Kushner’s writing style….

Editor’s interruption: Okay, it might be corny, but since this fabulous author was being so helpful and sent us a photo and everything, we asked him what Enzo, the canine narrator of The Art of Racing in the Rain, would be reading:

Enzo’s stack (recently read):

Hate That Cat by Sharon Creech
I loved Love That Dog, also by Creech. Hate That Cat continues with the goodness!

Animal Farm by George Orwell
A true classic. Everyone knows that pigs glorify themselves. Perhaps Orwell was, himself, part pig.

The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Rousseau’s thesis that we must all sacrifice certain of our liberties for the greater good is very relevant in today’s society.

Song of the Crow by Layne Maheu
A beautiful story told, unfortunately, by a crow. Still, even I can put aside my personal prejudices when needed; this is a special book!

You can catch Garth Stein reading from The Art of Racing in the Rain this fall at the Ballard Branch: Thursday, September 25, 6:30 p.m.

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