Preview the UW World Series Fall Line-up

In their publicity the UW World Series says, “Each season we strive to bring a varied and exciting, (and yes, occasionally challenging) season of dance, world music and theater, piano and chamber music to Meany Hall.” At The Seattle Public Library,  we’re thrilled to be bringing previews of the 2008-2009 UW World Series to Microsoft Auditorium of the Central Library!

Each of the three lunchtime preview/lectures will cover all four of the series presented: dance, world music and theater, chamber music, and piano recitals. They will include DVD clips of the artists in performance and a discussion of their art and work. 

The first of the three previews will highlight the Series’ fall concerts and will be presented on September 11 at noon in the auditorium at the Central Library. The winter and spring previews will be at noon on December 4 and March 5, respectively.

Please come this Thursday and check it out! ~  Bob T.

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