Tips from a news junkie

One of our librarians, Jesten, has me totally hooked on PressDisplay, an online library service featuring hundreds of U.S. and international daily newspapers. I knew Jesten was a total news junkie, but it was her post on Push To Talk this week that reeled me in—and ended up being extra handy for me.

Recently I was trying to track down an article from the Seattle P-I, but couldn’t find it through the paper’s online search, which was absolutely crazy because I knew the exact headline and even the page where it appeared. Jesten points out that with PressDisplay, you see the newspaper in its entirety, so I could easily find the article on page 8 upper left corner I spied over someone’s shoulder on the 41. Check out Jesten’s post for tips on using PressDisplay.

2 thoughts on “Tips from a news junkie”

  1. Jesten introduced me to PressDisplay, too, and it’s fantastic! You can get a global perspective on any event. Keyword search on hundreds of newspapers in 35 languages! It’s great.

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