What’s going on in the library catalog?

You might have noticed some changes in the library catalog recently. It’s true; we’ve been adding some new features and trying to make some existing functions work better.  Check out some of these new features that have been added:


If you’ve been searching for a way to share your opinions about books, movies, or music, search no longer. You can now read and write reviews of anything in the library catalog for all to see.

 To write a review you just need to create a new log in. It’s a very simple process – choose a username and a password. Reviews are moderated by library staff daily.

Google Books:

You’ve probably heard that Google is creating a huge digital library, scanning thousands of books in partnership with several major universities. In the library catalog, you can now find links to some of these books scanned by Google. Look for the Google Book preview link In the full item record .

A partial view allows you to read selected pages. Info only titles allow you to search and display page fragments, but not view full pages. As Google continues to scan books, links from titles in the library catalog will automatically be updated.

Ebook Training Tutorial:

When you come across eAudio titles in the library catalog now, you will find a link to a short video about how to download them. These eAudio resources can be accessed from one of our two digital book vendors, NetLibrary and Overdrive. Whenever you see an eAudio item in the library catalog, click into the full record to find the links. You can also find these videos when you click on the Catalog  Welcome tab under the  Service Bulletins part of the page.

And here are some things that have been fixed or improved:

Mobile Browser:

For those of you wanting to use the library catalog on the go, the text-only version of our catalog has been cleaned up to work better with mobile browsers, PDAs and cell phones. Go to the library catalog and click Text Only/Mobile at the top of the screen, or simply type catalog.spl.org/mobile into your browser.

Try it out and let us know what works and what doesn’t. If you do contact us, please include your mobile device type, operating system, and browser type and version. Thanks for your input!

Begins with search results:

 When you conduct a “Begins with”, or “Browse” search for title or call number,  list you will now be able to see whether titles listed are CD, book, DVD, Large Print, etc. To see what I mean, go to the library catalog  and follow these instructions:

  1.  Click the Search Tab. This takes you to the “Begins with” search (“Begins with” is highlighted instead of Keyword or Advanced).
  2. In the Title begins with box, enter “hot flat and crowded” then click the red search button.
  3. You will see a list of items with same title, but you can easily tell the difference between versions, whether they are book on CD, large print, or regular book.

 Catalog news:

 You can find a list of these changes, and any future changes, in the library catalog. Just click the Catalog News link in the upper right hand corner (next to Help).

 Hopefully you’ll find these tools and fixes useful!

One thought on “What’s going on in the library catalog?”

  1. I love the reader review format in the catalog! I often get more insight into a book from reader reviews than from Library Journal or other reviews. These enhancements are all pretty intuitive. Thanks!

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