Give, Baby, Give!


I’ve been hearing a lot of people wondering out loud about what they can do to be involved in their community these days.  Maybe it’s the holiday season gaining importance now that the Presidential election has come to an end.  Maybe it has to do with a certain speech that many of us heard recently…

Whatever the reason, if you are wondering how you can help your community, here are a few places to start figuring out where you can give your time, money, or expertise:

City of Seattle – Information about volunteering and donating in Seattle.

United Way of King County – Search for giving and volunteering opportunities in King County.

Charity Navigator – “Your guide to intelligent giving.”  Search for charities by place and topic.  Includes a charity blog, articles, top ten lists and detailed information about what your gift is doing.

Volunteer Match – Match your time and talents to volunteer needs in the community. – International resource where you can search for volunteer opportunities, organizations, non-profit jobs, campaigns, and more.  You can also join or start an “Idealist group”, discussion groups from all over the world sharing ideas and information about community.

Charity Watch – The American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP) rates over 500 charities and provides excellent links to find out more.

The Seattle Public Library has a great list of volunteer information for teens, that has both teen specific and all-ages volunteer information.

Or, check out a book about giving and volunteering from the library!

If you have a suggestion for ways people can give to their community or find out about volunteer opportunities, please let Seattle know by leaving your comments. 

Give, Baby, Give!

2 thoughts on “Give, Baby, Give!”

  1. Thanks for this list. Volunteering someplace good can actually make for a great holiday get together. I know a group who used to volunteer to inspect cassette books at the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library ( and they brought cookies and music!

    It can be fun to hang out with people you like and do good works at the same time. Some companies even let you do it on paid time.

  2. Great post!

    I love Charity Navigator. I use that site all the time–especially during the holiday season–to donate gifts to organization on the behalf of family and friends. There’s also the Give Experiences Instead of Stuff movement based in the Seattle area:

    When I lived in Seattle, I volunteered with Seattle Works ( a few times, and it was a good experience for indoor projects (like with the Seattle Public Schools) and outdoor ones (like maintaining the Burke Gilman Trail).

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