Harry Potter versus Twilight: Who did you vote for?

harry-potter-and-twilight-characters-from-the-movieYesterday Seattle teens tackled one of the biggest issues of 2009: Which is better, the Harry Potter or Twilight series? Three-hundred passionate Potter and Bella fans packed the auditorium at the Central Library for this hotly contested literary smackdown.

The winner? According to the debate judges … Harry Potter!  A poll of the audience also had Potter on top, capturing more than two-thirds of the people’s choice vote. Find out more at Push to Talk (they’ll be linking to a video soon).

This topic took on a life of its own in the past couple of weeks (a national story, lots of local coverage). Everyone has an opinion, it seems, and readers from as far as way as The Netherlands were emailing the Library’s Teen Center with information absolutely vital to the case (on both sides) and their essential viewpoints. The students in Team Read prepared as diligently as any debaters, responding to questions about which series has the better villain, the better representation of women and the most interesting minor characters.

Yesterday was a great day to work at the Central Library—there was so much energy in the building. I didn’t get to see all of the debate, but I’m definitely looking forward to the video.

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