May Question of the Month – an irregular series

bnr_askaquestionthumbnailThe reference librarians at Seattle Public Library are pretty darn amazing. They don’t know everything, instead they know where to find everything. As part of an irregular series of posts we salute the talented and dedicated reference staff at your local library. Names and other identifying information have been removed from the questions we showcase. Got a stumper?
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cover-of-feltwork-bookI’m looking for information about the history of felt (fabric). I need enough info to prepare a 3-minute speech (so not a ton, just enough of a basic coverage of the stuff). I also need my info to be supplemented by lots of pictures. Which is where it gets difficult. So I’m looking for articles & pictures that detail the history of felt. I can either do this online or go to a library (capitol hill or downtown work fine). Know where I should begin? I need it by Sunday.

Thanks for your question about where to find images on the history of felt (fabric).

In addition to the sources already recommended to you, in a google image search we found the following website with images of feltmaking.

You might find more websites like this by doing a google image search for the words “history of felting.” Here are our search results for “history of felting.” We also have a number of books on feltmaking in our collection. Some of these books on devote a few pages to the history of feltmaking, and in some cases these include images. Here are some Seattle Public Library books on feltmaking.

Below is one that we had on hand here at the Central Library that has about 3 images:

cover-of-feltmaking-fabulous-wearables-bookFeltmaking: fabulous wearables, jewelry & home accents, by Hagen, Chad Alice.
New York : Lark Books, c2002.
Call #: 746.0463 H1214F 2002

Since many of the images on feltmaking are also about making Yurts, you could also perform a google image search with keywords on this or take a look at library books on this topic.

Thanks again for your question. Please let us know if we can help you further.

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