Staff Favorites: Nonfiction for Children

egg-is-quietAn Egg Is Quiet, by Dianna Aston
J591.468 As86E
This homage to eggs and the variety of land, air, and water creatures that begin their lives in them is as beautiful to look at as it is interesting to read.   ~ Jane, Central

dinomania Dinomania:  Things to Do with Dinosaurs, by Mick Manning and Brita Granström
J745.5 M3166D 2002
Get ready for summer fun!  It’s dinosaur time! There are all kinds of fun, easy things for kids to do and learn about dinosaurs: Make a dinosaur time-line, a pterosaur mobile, play dinosaur tag or dinosaur hide-and- seek, and star in a dinosaur play.  Kids will need adult help with some of these projects, but what a fun way for everyone to learn about dinosaurs. Start collecting your cardboard boxes, paints, tape, and glue now!  ~Mary, Central

 snotWhy Is Snot Green and Other Extremely Important Questions (and Answers), by Glenn Murphy
J502 M953W 2009
Did people ski during the Ice Age? What do people taste like to sharks and tigers? Why is snot green?! All these questions, and many more, are answered in this entertaining book based on actual questions asked at the Science Museum in London.  Chock-full of information, its wacky question-and-answer format will draw you into the science behind lots of weird, funny and gross facts.  From questions about animals, to robots, to space (What would happen if you farted in a space suit?), this book has all the answers!  ~Erica, Northeast

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