More Summer Staff Favorites for Children: Picture Books

beware-of-the-frogBeware of the Frog by William Bee
Mrs. Collywobbles lives all alone on the edge of a dark, scary forest, with no one to protect her except for her pet . . . frog?  Yes, but this is no ordinary frog, as the Greedy Goblin, Smelly Troll, and Giant Hungry Ogre all discover, to their peril.  This is a very funny picture book with old fashioned, intricate illustrations.  The surprise ending will make it popular with children who like a slightly twisted story time.  ~ Hayden, Central

Billy’s Bucket by Kes Graybillys-bucket
Although he is offered a bike or computer game for his birthday, Billy insists he wants a bucket.  Once filled with water, he can see amazing underwater scenes in his bucket.  Are they real?  His father is about to find out when he borrows Billy’s bucket to wash the car. ~ Joanna, Fremont

Chicken Butt! by Erica Perlchicken-butt
Here is the routine: You say: “Guess what?” And, I say: “What?”  You answer: “Chicken butt!!”  Then you and I roll on the ground, giggling. That’s been a standard goofball playground quip for generations.  This book takes it to extremes…  You are asked: “Guess why?”  (Chicken thigh!), “Guess how?”  (Chicken eyebrow!), “Guess where?”  (Chicken underwear!).  You get the idea.  And just when you think all the nonsense and hilarity has finally come to an end, you turn the page for one last joke.  No one can resist laughing at this book, not even the most dignified adults!  ~ Pamela, Ballard

Duck!  Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthalduck-rabbit
Hey, is that a duck or a rabbit? Well, obviously it’s a duck; look, there’s its bill. No, wait, it’s definitely a rabbit; see the long ears? Preschoolers may go cross-eyed encountering this quirky introduction to optical illusions, but they’ll also love the funny give and take as two observers insist that “It’s a duck!” “No, it’s a rabbit!” A terrific book for sharing and reading aloud.  ~ Miss Bea, South Park

How Smudge Came by Nan Gregoryhow-smudge-came
Cindy knows puppies don’t belong on the street.  When she finds Smudge, she takes him to her group house.  But Cindy can’t have a puppy!  How would she take care of him, and what about when she works at the Hospice?  Smudge is taken away and sent to the shelter, but Cindy’s not going to give up that easily!  ~ Erin, Queen Anne

Is There Really a Human Race? by Jamie Lee Curtisis-there-really-a-human-race
“Is there really a human race?” A little boy asks his mom. If so, “when does it start, how does it end, and who wins?”  This book addresses a child’s innocent questions in a fun and clever way and illustrates that winning isn’t everything.  Contributing to the human race is a wonderful thing!   ~ Tina, Beacon Hill

Monkey with a Tool Belt by Chris Monroemonkey-with-a-tool-belt
“Here is Chico Bon Bon. He is a monkey. He is a monkey with a tool belt…”  As soon as I read this book, I wanted to share it with someone.  This funny, creative picture book is enhanced by detailed, expressive illustrations. Pretty soon, you will be thinking that your own tool belt could use a “claw hammer, tack hammer, pajama hammer, banana hammer…”  ~ Amy, High Point

Wabi Sabi by Ed Youngwabi-sabi
A cat named Wabi Sabi embarks on a journey to discover the meaning of her name, hearing from everyone she meets that “it’s hard to explain.”  She discovers beauty and harmony in what is simple and imperfect, and only then does she understand her name’s significance. Natural fiber collages, artfully paired with haiku, enhance the story.  Information about the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi and an explanation of haiku are also included.  This is a little bit of Zen for the entire family.  ~ Erica, Northeast

One thought on “More Summer Staff Favorites for Children: Picture Books”

  1. I *love* “Duck! Rabbit!” and I’m neither a parent nor a children’s librarian. My eyes crossed in confusion when I saw the cover on the shelf and I had to read it. Then I showed a bunch of childless non-librarian friends and one of them bought it as a gift for another childless adult. That’s how appealing it is.

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