More Summer Staff Favorites for Children: Fantasy Chapter Books

elsie-piddockElsie Piddock Skips in Her Sleep by Eleanor Farjeon
Elsie Piddock was a born skipper from the age of three and, by the time she was seven, the fairies had heard of her.  They taught her the most fantastical skips anyone ever saw.  As Elsie grows older, her skipping is almost forgotten, becoming a local legend.   When trouble comes to her village, in the form of a greedy, factory-building Lord, it is ancient Elsie, picking up her skipping rope one last time, who comes to the rescue.  This is a sweet, magical story with a deeply satisfying ending, perfect for anyone who ever loved jumping rope!  ~ Christiane, Queen Anne

lilys-ghostLily’s Ghosts by Laura Ruby
Mystery, mirth, and a little mischief can be found in Uncle Wes’s summerhouse in Cape May, New Jersey, the latest in a series of places Lily and her mom find themselves living due to their lack of funds. The house is teeming with a variety of eccentric ghosts and it is up to 13-year-old Lily and her new friend, Vaz, to get to the bottom of why the ghosts are disgruntled and why there is jam in her shoes.  They need to solve the mystery before they become ghosts themselves.  ~ Joanna, Fremont

phantom-tollboothThe Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster
When a mysterious tollbooth appears in Milo’s bedroom one afternoon, it is the perfect antidote to his boredom.  He pays the toll and hops in his toy car, entering a strange land where words take on their own reality.  After some adventures with his new pal, the dog, Tock, who has the body of a giant clock, Milo is off to the Mountains of Ignorance to rescue the twin princesses, Rhyme and Reason.  Great stuff for readers who enjoy wordplay and humor!  ~ Wally, West Seattle

trolls-eyeTroll’s Eye View:  A Book of Villainous Tales, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling
Do you know where the witch in Hansel and Gretel came from?  Have you met the boy who cried wolf?  Can Cinderella really be evil?  Find out in this creepy collection of twisted fairy tales!   ~ Wing-Sze Chung, Green Lake

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