Even More Summer Staff Favorites for Children

gullys-travels6Gully’s Travels, by Tor Seidler


Gully lives a happy life of luxury, residing in Manhattan and travelling to Paris with his professor. Everything changes when his master rejects him and he is forced to live a simpler life-style with a happy-go-lucky family. Gully tries to solve the riddle of why he was abandoned while pondering the traits of loyalty and injustice, eventually leading to a conclusion that readers will enjoy.  ~ Zane, Magnolia


my-life-in-pink-and-green3My Life in Pink and Green, by Lisa Greenwald

J GREENWA               

Meet Lucy, a 12-year-old entrepreneur determined to be the next Laura Mercier (a real-life biggie in the cosmetic world), while also saving the family drug store. When a high school girl has a crisis in the hair care aisle, Lucy steps in with solid advice and a few extra beauty tips. Soon, she’s the go-to girl for a stream of new customers, but is it enough to keep the store open? Lucy comes up with more ideas and a plan for creating an environmentally friendly “green” business.  This is a fun, breezy novel for fans of Lauren Myracle’s books.  ~ Linda, Central


rickshaw-girl3Rickshaw Girl, by Mitali Perkins


Naimi is known in her Bangladeshi community as the best “alpana” painter of intricate designs rendered on the walls of her home.  However, her renown cannot help her to contribute to the family income because she is a girl.  Disguised as a boy, she attempts to drive her ailing father’s rickshaw, but her effort invites disaster and she crashes into the bushes. Searching for a way to repair the damage, she finds an unexpected source of help and a promise of social change.  This book, though slim, offers an intriguing view of a faraway culture.  ~ Pamela, Ballard

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