My phone leads me to the perfect book

Here’s a text message I received:

The gardens of Frank Lloyd Wright
Central (206-386-4636) Level 3
New Book Shelf / Living Room call #:712.6092 S9319F 2009

May I just say that I LOVE this? (Except for the part with “gardens” not being capitalized; otherwise, it’s 100 percent love.)

gardens of frank lloyd wright book coverHere’s how my phone led me to the book: Last Sunday afternoon, when it was 93 degrees, I was sitting on my shady porch with my iBook and frosty ice tea. I began browsing the Library catalog for books about Frank Lloyd Wright to complement Loving Frank by Nancy Horan, a novel I just reread for a book group discussion. I saw that The Gardens of Frank Lloyd Wright by Derek Fell was checked in at the Central Library, but I didn’t want to make the extreme effort of leaving my Adirondacktextmessage button chair to get a piece of paper to write down the call number. Then I noticed the happy little phone icon that says “Text Message.” I clicked on it and sent myself a reminder, complete with the full call number. Monday morning, I opened that text message and went to the shelves to get my book.

Has anyone else been using this text message feature? What do you think?

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3 Responses to My phone leads me to the perfect book

  1. David says:

    I LOVE THIS TOO! I’m only just getting into all the library catalog’s cool features, such as setting up an RSS feed for a particular search or author, so you are notified when something new comes out in your interest area. OH YEH!!! (Click on my name to learn more if y’all are unfamiliar with this).

  2. Rabbit says:

    I’ve just started playing around with the text message feature and I love that it will send information about the book either to your phone OR to your e-mail! Even if you don’t have a cell phone or don’t want to pay for text messages, you can always ensure that you’ll be able to work out what book you saw.

    This beats the old “write it on a piece of scratch paper, put the paper in your pocket, wash you pants, lose the info” method that I used to use.

  3. Marty says:

    Yay for SPL getting more tech saavy every day…… a great feature.

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