Going to School for the First Time

With summer winding down and September right around the corner, many children – and parents – are about to embark on a yearly ritual for the first time:  THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Starting school can be an exciting time, but it can also be cause for anxiety.  There are so many questions that need to be answered and not knowing what to expect can be worrisome.  Here are a few book suggestions that might help to ease your child into the world of preschool and kindergarten:

first day hoorayFirst Day, Hooray!, by Nancy Poydar

Ivy Green is very excited about her new shoes, a new lunchbox, and the chance to meet an entire classroom of potential friends, but there are a few things that worry her about starting school, like, what happens if she misses the bus, or what if she cannot find her classroom?  Though she doesn’t know it, Ivy is not alone.  Her teachers, her parents, and the other kids have lots of questions, too.

happy school yearHappy School Year!, by Susan Milord

Children are waking up all over town, getting ready for kindergarten in this story that follows several kids through their morning routines on the first day of school.


lola schoolI Am Too Absolutely Small for School, by Lauren Childs

Lola is worried about starting school and has many reasons for why she thinks that she should not go, but big brother Charlie helps Lola to consider all of the reasons she might want to give school a try.


jake starts schoolJake Starts School, by Michael Wright

Jake is NOT going to let his parents leave him at school and no one is going to pry him away from them.  Jake and his parents spend the day observing all of the fun his classmates are having and Jakes new teacher finally convinces him to let go.


little rabbitLittle Rabbit Goes to School, by Harry Horse

It is Little Rabbit’s first day at school and he has decided to take his favorite toy, Charlie Horse.  Charlie is causing a lot of trouble in class, and he even distracts Little Rabbit into getting lost on a class field trip.  Fortunately, Little Rabbit’s teacher comes to the rescue.


little schoolLittle School, by Beth Norling

Preschoolers are introduced to the objects, people, supplies, and activities that make up a typical day at school.



my preschoolMy Preschool, by Anne Rockwell

Follow one little boy through a day at preschool, from morning greetings and circle time to saying goodbye at the end of the day.


on the way to kinderOn the Way to Kindergarten, by Virginia Kroll

This charming book marks the developmental milestones that a child has reached before going to kindergarten, such as learning to eat, ride a trike, and how to have fun playing with friends, then introduces the exciting, new adventures that await in kindergarten.

elephant comes to schoolCAYC0TDVWhen an Elephant Comes to School, by Jan Ormerod

Take a humorous tour through a typical day at school as an elephant joins the class and experiences the fun and challenges of preschool.

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