Metro Reads 3: Books on the bus — and the train!

What are you reading during your commute? We asked six downtown commuters what they saw people reading on their transit rides last Thursday: 

Seen any good books on your commute? Listening to anything interesting? We’d love to hear what you’re reading — and what you’ve seen others reading.



2 thoughts on “Metro Reads 3: Books on the bus — and the train!”

  1. What’s up with the Narnia books? There was someone reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe on the 161 this morning. Gearing up for the new movie I guess.

  2. An interesting Narnia-related book just crossed my desk this morning, now that you mention it. The Magician’s Book: A Skeptic;s Adventures in Narnia, by Laura Miller. The author talks about how much she loved the Narnia series as a child and searched for her own passage to that world, felt betrayed as an adolescent when someone pointed out the religious themes, and then rekindled her love for the books and made peace with C.S. Lewis as an adult.

    The library has it, if anyone is interested!

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