Teens get credit at the Library

teen center advisors
Do you know a teen who needs service learning credit . . . or maybe just a way to pad their college applications?  If so, we know just the service learning program.

As a Teen Center Advisor at the Central Library, high school students ages 14-18 can earn up to 60 hours of service learning credit over the course of the school year.  They’ll write posts for Push to Talk (the library’s teen blog), review all the latest teen books, create podcasts for the library’s website, and work on lots of other creative projects.

For more information or to print out an application, head on over to the teen page of the library’s website.  Meetings are every other Wednesday, and the first meeting is this Wednesday — October 7. Applications are due by the October 21st meeting at the latest; early applications are gladly accepted.

2 thoughts on “Teens get credit at the Library”

  1. I love the days when the Teen Center Advisors meet down at Central! I work on Level 3 and so I hear a bit of their planning. Their energy and excitement is contagious; their commitment to the library inspiring! I also appreciate the reviews they write and post throughout the stacks and online.

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