Get Lost (Part 3)

(Third in a series)

You look to the sky…haystackrock


               Set your course on into the night…

You say good-bye…                                

                            You hold your head high…

    Wherever you’re goin it’s alright…

Second stop was Cannon Beach and Salem: 1 day, 1 night

We headed out early morning on a sunny Sunday from Portland to Cannon Beach. As we made our way onto the bustle of South Hemlock Street we searched for a parking space for quite awhile among the beach front stores. We decided that this was not the Cannon Beach we wanted to see so we headed out of town and followed the coastline till we reached Tolvana Park. It had a huge parking lot and its location was close enough to Haystack Rock to make it a lovely walk. Immediately we were kicking off our flip flops and running into the waves with all the wild abandon and pure joy of small children.

We felt ourselves become light and the burden of our car ride washed down our shoulders into the sand at our feet. We contemplated the joyous day were given and looked forward to what lay ahead, we drew in the sand commemorating this trip together and missing those at home, we imagined going on a adventure for One-eyed Willy’s treasure and touching Haystack Rock, we read a couple chapters from our books we brought along and soaked up some sun, and ultimately we ended up staying a little longer than planned because of how wonderful the day was.

TheGooniesThe Goonies to Michelle and I is a classic, as well as, many others who find its adventuresome spirit and enduring cast of characters so appealing after all these years. It was essentially the motivation for planning a day in Cannon Beach. I can see it now a bunch of small town kids from the boondocks against the big bad developer…who hasn’t wished they could find a treasure map to save the place they love. With the wonderful day we had I can see why.

Our next stop was Salem to check into a motel and meet up with my mom and family for dinner. This was the night we fell in love with Motel 6. I had looked up a Travelodge nearby, but didn’t make reservations cause we weren’t sure when we would be pulling in. The place looked like a ghost town and the manager was telling us that only the most expensive room was available…nah. Luckily, my friend brought her laptop so we were able to connect wirelessly to the internet and found Motel 6! We each got our own beds and it didn’t cost us extra! We decided from here on out we would be staying in Motel 6’s throughout the rest of our trip. To top it off playing on the television before we headed off to the restaurant to meet my family was The Goonies.

the_greening_of_ben_brown_largeAnother great quirky adventure story that is also local to Oregon is the book The Greening of Ben Brown by Michael Strelow. After an industrial accident as a utility lineman Ben Brown turns green from the tips of his toes to the crown of his head. He now finds himself living in a small cabin out in East Leven, Oregon. In the small town the Green Man is infamous, whispered about in hushed tones that quietly dissappate. Ben soon befriends Andrew a young man from East Leven who bridges the divide and they soon embark on a quest to expose the dark secrets of East Leven that will have the town stewing over a lot more than the decision of planting non-native trees.

With our own adventures behind us in Oregon we were ready for anything California had to offer!

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