Get Lost, (Part 4)

(Fourth in a series)


Low ebb, high tide…


                    The lowest ebb and highest tide…

      I guess we took us for a ride…

I guess it’s just a gesture…


      At the end of the continent…

                                    At the edge of the continent…

Get Lost enters California: First stop Eureka and Fort Bragg: 2 days, 1 night.

Eureka is a peaceful and beautiful Victorian town. We drove around a bit with our camera hanging out the window to document the sights of painted ladies and the mural at the Arkley Center for Performing Arts. We finally found a place to park and went on the adventure for food. We walked through a couple blocks of Old Town admiring the scenery and glancing at the Old Town Square water fountain, until  I decided to poke my head into a coffee shop to see what someone working in town recommended ,“Gallagher’s Irish Pub, best fish and chips!” Luck so had it that a waiter from Gallagher’s was just headed back from his break so he led the way.  The atmosphere was great it consisted of beautiful dark wood furniture and with the owner being in for the day the place was abuzz with town gossip. The meal was great and the people were highly entertaining!

the_loss_of_leon_meed_thumbYou may see him standing in the middle of the road, swimming in the Pacific Ocean, or numerous places throughout Eureka California, but that’s only if your reading the book The Loss of Leon Meed by Josh Emmons.  As quickly as Leon Meed appears to seemily random residents he disappears, but many of them are more connected then they realize. Leon ignites the lives of those at a standstill; people questioning their beliefs, their roles, and even their own reality.

We took a detour on Highway 101 from Eureka to Fort Bragg and traveled on the Avenue of the Giants. Those giant beautiful trees were so magnificent! We pulled over and tucked ourselves into one of their trunks and let it encase us. There is true beauty and power in nature so much so that you come to realize how small we are and how little we know.redwoods-sm

Redwoods by Jason Chin is a non-fiction children’s picture book that follows a young boy who stumbles upon a book about redwoods sitting on a bench in the subway. Through the book he embarks on a journey through the forest that the redwoods call home. It reminds us of their amazingly long lives, their strength to survive, the shelter they provide, and how easily we can take that all away.

The roads wind on forever. It truly feels like you’ll never know what a straight road looks like or feels like again. It made us crazy just thinking about it not stopping to the point where we would crack up hysterically with deep laughter. Eventually we made it to Fort Bragg!

We fell in love with Glass Beach despite arriving just when the waves were crashing and the skies were cloudy. We decided we would come back in the morning to enjoy the sunrise and explore it more fully. We booked to stay at Caspar Beach Campground in Mendocino and tent it! It was pretty dark when we finally pulled in, getting slightly lost on our way, and had to use the car’s headlights to guide fb2us as we soon discovered our tent was without tent stakes, which it actually needed in order to function. With some eye rolling and brain work we put the tent away and started to maneuver our things to the front seats of the car, we unhooked Michelle’s giant speakers in the back to put the seats down, and blew up the air mattress for a night in the car.

Once we were settled in our sleeping bags the long day kicked in and we were taken over by the giggles. To top it off Michelle pointed her hand to the window on my side of the car and said “Look, someone’s coming!” I took this to mean that there was an ax murderer outside my window so I grabbed my sleeping bag and covered my head; because that would protect me! We then broke out into even more laughter when I realized she was just talking about a car pulling into their campsite next to us.

By sleeping in the car we woke up with the sun and threw day clothes on as quickly as possible and checked out; we had an amazing hostess that chatted us up about where we were from and where we were going, and we went off to see what more Glass Beach had to offer.

4 thoughts on “Get Lost, (Part 4)”

  1. It was quite lovely, but if you don’t want to go all the way to California there is a glass beach in Port Townsend. It was also an old dump. I haven’t had the chance to go yet, but its on my list for next summer.

  2. I’m pretty sure Michelle and I passed through both! We connected to Highway 101 in Grants Pass, Oregon and once we hit the ocean we couldn’t stop taking pictures. We diverted from Highway 101 once between Eureka and Fort Bragg to drive on the Avenue of the Giants. Eureka was one of my favorite stops on our road trip.

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