Science: Our Family Tree

The Richness of Life: the essential Stephen Jay Gould by Stephen Jay Gould  2007 

A wide-ranging collection of essays culled from 3 decades of writing by the paleontologist known for being the passionate voice of popular science.

The Reluctant Mr. Darwin: an intimate portrait of Charles Darwin and the making of his theory of evolution by David Quammen 2006 

Drawing on private letters and notebooks, Quammen elegantly elucidates Darwin’s ideas as well as his personal life.

Before the Dawn: recovering the lost history of our ancestors by Nicholas Wade 2006

Drawing on new genetic research, Wade looks at how human ancestors in Africa were transformed by the development of language.  He also shows how DNA findings cast new light on other areas of history.

Nature via Nurture: genes, experience, and what makes us human by Matt Ridley 2003 

Ridley examines the human genome and environmental factors, exploring how their interplay influences who we are.

Evolution for Everyone: how Darwin’s theory can change the way we think about our lives by David Sloan Wilson 2007

A fresh, humorous and engaging look at the fascinating ways in which evolution is part of our existence – why do dogs have curly tails, anyway? – and how it connects us all.

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