A Library In Your Pocket

The Seattle Public Library system consists of 27 buildings, including the Central Library and 26 neighborhood branches.  All together, this fair system has a total floor area of approximately 600,000 square feet, or the equivalent of 10 and a half football fields (including the end zones).

The latest version of Apple’s iPhone is 4.5 inches x 2.4 inches and is less than half an inch thick.  You can hold it in your hand.  It slides easily into your pocket.  You could place eight million iPhones, side-by-side, on the total floor area of the library.

But we did not do that.  Quite the opposite! 

I am writing to announce that – miraculously – we have figured out a way to cram your entire library system (10 and 1/2 football fields worth of library system, mind you) into a device that you can hold in your hand, and carry around with you in your pocket. 

Yes, that’s right!  The Seattle Public Library now has a mobile app to work with whichever brand of smart phone you own: Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Symian, it works with them all.  Renew your items, search the catalog and place a hold, browse book lists, look for upcoming author readings, find your nearest branch, ask us a question – all from the convenient location of wherever you are right now!

Of course, the SPL Mobile app is completely free.  So go ahead, put your library in a pocket! 

Learn more here:



To download the app, visit the iTunes App Store or Android Market and search for SPL Mobile. You can also go to http://spl.boopsie.com or simply use this QR code:

~Kreg H., Central Library

8 thoughts on “A Library In Your Pocket”

  1. Nice!

    A direct link to the iTunes AppStore Android Market app page would be handy, instead of going there and searching.

  2. This is great, but there are some basics you’ve skipped–for example, why can’t we pay our fines online yet, with credit card or PayPal?

  3. Great idea about tracking the bookmobiles, but it’s not included in the mobile app! And Julie, you make a great point, but we have to work with the City of Seattle to get an approved vendor to accept online payments. The goal is to make this happen THIS YEAR!

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