Ship Ahoy!: Sail Into the Sunset with a Picture Book

If you have lived any length of time in Western Washington, you have probably toyed with the idea of owning a boat. Boating is in our blood around here and both children and adults dream of chugging around Elliott Bay in a tugboat, riding a ferry to the San Juan Islands, sailing on Puget Sound and paddling a canoe in Lake Washington under clear Northwest skies. With summer just around the corner and boating season in full swing, join in the fun, gather your favorite crew and sail into a reading adventure…

Captain Small Pig, by Martin Waddell; illustrated by Susan Varley

Old Goat, Turkey, and Small Pig are spending the day on Blue Lake in a little red boat. Small Pig is full of energy and the thirst for adventure, while Turkey and Old Goat are looking forward to a bit of quiet reflection. In the end, everyone’s wishes are satisfied in unexpected ways.

Little Boat, by Thomas Docherty

The ocean is a big place and Little Boat is, well,… little. Perseverance and plucky courage allow Little Boat to overcome any challenges the ocean can provide. Intriguing illustrations make this an especially appealing book to share with young sailors.

Lying Awake, by Helen Furbush; illustrated by Christine McCroskey

An eight-year-old girl gets her birthday wish when her grandfather invites her to spend the night on his boat. This Pacific Northwest story describes the sounds, smells, sights and day-to-day experiences of life on the water. Information on local sea life, maritime flag signals, recipes and card games is included at the end of the book.

Once Upon a Tide, by Tony Mitton; illustrated by Selina Young

Two children spend a day at the seashore building a boat, which leads to a magical adventure involving a whale, a treasure, pirates, more building, and a surprising ending.  

One-Dog Canoe, by Mary Casanova; illustrated by Ard Hoyt

When a young girl sets off with her dog on a canoe trip for two, she is not prepared for all of the requests of “Can I come, too?” that she receives from the local wildlife.  This bouncy, entertaining story in rhyme will have the entire family clamoring for a ride in a “One-Dog Canoe”!

The Raft, by Jim LaMarche

Nicky is reluctant to spend a summer with his grandmother until a raft appears and opens his eyes to the wonders and beauties of the Wisconsin woods and the kind wisdom of his grandmother’s love.

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