Children’s Summer Reads: Picture Books

Summer is almost here, along with Summer Reading programs, days at the beach, camping, and a much deserved respite from school. Now is the time for some fun, recreational reading. These new titles are sure to put kids in a summer state of mind:

Dancing Feet, by Lindsey Craig; illustrated by Marc Brown

Exuberant creatures of all sorts dance across the pages of this rollicking book. In no time at all your feet will be going stompity, stampity as they follow the beat of this slippity, slappity, clickity, clackety rhyme!

I Love Bugs! , by Emma Dodd

In this joyous ode to insects, a young boy lists all of the reasons he loves bugs. Large, bold illustrations and creepy crawly vocabulary will appeal to budding entomologists.

Mama, Is It Summer Yet? , by Nikki McClure

Gorgeous cut paper illustrations by local artist Nikki McClure record the daily outdoor activities of a young boy and his mother as they wait for summer to arrive.

Say Hello! , by Rachel Isadora

Carmelita greets everyone in her neighborhood, in all different languages, as she walks with her mother and her dog on a hot summer day.

Seattle ABC: A Larry Gets Lost Book, by John Skewes and Robert Schwartz; illustrated by John Skewes

Join Larry the dog and his boy, Pete, on an alphabet excursion through Seattle, visiting landmarks from the Aquarium to the Zoo, with the Monorail and Space Needle in the somewhere in the middle.

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