Summer Reads for Tweens

Are your kids counting down the days until school gets out, looking forward to a long summer stretch without homework? Put them in a summer mood and keep them reading into fall with these new titles:

Crunch by Leslie Connor

Dewey is feeling the crunch! When his parents get stranded miles away from home, it is up to Dewey and his sister Lil to run the family bike shop and take care of their three younger siblings.  The situation gets more complicated when Dewey discovers that someone is stealing bike parts from the shop.

Kid vs. Squid by Greg Van Eekhout

Thatcher is stuck dusting curiosities in his uncle’s seaside museum for the summer. When a princess from the lost city of Atlantis steals a museum artifact and enlists Thatcher to rescue her people from an evil sea witch’s curse, Thatcher’s boring summer becomes an adventure.

The Last Best Days of Summer by Valerie Hobbs

Lucy is looking forward to spending the end of summer at the lake house with Grams. She knows Grams will calm her worries about her mother and starting junior high. But, this year, Grams has changed and it is Lucy’s turn to provide support.

Lawn Boy Returns, by Gary Paulsen

Lawn Boy is back with gusto! Life gets more complicated for the twelve-year-old lawn entrepreneur when he is interviewed on television and everyone wants a piece of his success – including the IRS and a shady lost relative.

Little Blog on the Prairie by Cathleen Davitt Bell

Gen’s family is spending the summer at Camp Frontier, where everyone is required to live like pioneers from the 1890s. Gen secretly texts reports of her daily “Hell on the Prairie” to her friends, never expecting that they will turn her texts into a popular Internet blog with potentially disastrous results!

Seaglass Summer by Anjali Banerjee

Poppy is finally going to explore her dream of becoming a veterinarian!  She is spending the summer on a Washington island working in her uncle’s clinic. However, the quirky pet owners and daily realities of veterinary medicine prove to be more challenging than Poppy expected.

Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer L. Holm

Eleven-year-old Turtle is used to hardship. The Great Depression has taken its toll and Turtle’s mother decides to send her to live with relatives in Florida. Unexpectedly, this opens up a new world for Turtle, allowing her to have hopes for a better life.

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