… good ol’ summer time in Seattle!

The Emerald City is in a streak of several days of sunny weather. There’s excitement in the voices of the television and radio weather people as they say “no precipitation in the forecast for the next few days, actually many days!” Another barometer is the warmer-than-warm feeling when one opens the door of a car that’s been parked for awhile during the day or gets on a bus that has “not so great” air conditioning. Yet, the best are the smiles of people walking around Seattle in mid-to-late July. I am a weather freak so am thrilled to share some of my favorite daily sites for information, along with some books of equal excitement.

The National Weather Service generates tons of information when one types in a zip code. Its website has many links to graphical depictions of weather. My favorite is Radar, especially on days when there is a storm predicted. For travelers, The Weather Channel has an Interstate Forecast page which helps one see weather on an upcoming route. And, the National Weather Association has an Environmental Satellites Image Resource list which links to many university and commercial imagery resources around the world.

Giving fodder to my dreams of being the weather person on television is Man vs. Weather: How to be Your Own Weatherman by Dennis DiClaudio. One of the latest books added to The Seattle Public Library’s collection is The Encyclopedia of Weather and Climatic Change: a Complete Visual Guide by Juliane L. Fry and several other authors. Photos, maps, ozone, dinosaurs, ice and humans – it’s all in here! I was so head over heels about The Weather of the Pacific Northwest by Cliff Mass, published by the University of Washington Press in 2008, that I bought a personal copy.

Fellow weather hobbyists, I know you are out there. Please share about books, websites and other resources which you like.

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