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DNA sculpture at Seattle Science Center - photo courtesy of Jay L.Gale Science in Context (formerly The Science Resource Center) is a one-stop science database for all your science-related research needs. This in-depth, curriculum-oriented, resource focuses on key concepts taught in school classrooms, including…

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Health and Medicine
  • Math and Technology
  • Physics and Astronomy

In addition to these six major subjects, the revamped database main page provides access to approximately 390 preselected topics ranging from “abortion and family planning” to “zoology.” It also presents more complex topics such as “reflection, refraction, diffraction and wave interference.” Searchable content includes images, academic journals, experiments, news, magazines, statistics, videos, audio plugs and websites.

Choose the topic “evolution” and you are given an introductory summation of the subject, followed by “expert picks” commentary, a selection of supportive videos, images and audio presentations, along with related topics.

Articles are selected from reference books, academic journals, news outlets, magazines and websites. The advanced search feature allows you to limit your inquiry results by publication dates (January 1980 – present), by document type, content type, content level, full-text documents only or peer reviewed journals.

Grand Prismatic Spring – Yellowstone NP – photo courtesy of Jay L.

Science in Context also utilizes the Lexile reading measures (a Lexile measure is a valuable piece of information about either an individual’s reading ability or the difficulty of a text, like a book or magazine article). U.S. national and state (Washington) curriculum standards are readily accessible in the database for grades 9-12.

Science in Context provides tools for bookmarking and features for sharing and emailing information.

~ Leon C.

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