It’s the End of the World As We Know It

The leaves are falling, the bubble has been popped for awhile now, and the holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s the best time to read dystopian fiction! Knowing these characters have it worse of then we do definitely puts a spring back in my step.

In Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde society is based on a Colortocracy. Those lucky enough to see the higher end of the color spectrum live in a higher social class. Eddie Russett, a lower level Red, has one goal:  to marry into the Oxblood family in order to ensure a higher familial red count. However, this goal goes array when he commits a violation that sends him to East Carmine, a city on the Outer Fringes. He is sent to do a chair census and once there meets Jane, a Grey who instantly captures his heart. Although Jane is a lowly servant girl Eddie will risk all he ever wanted for her attentions.

One would assume a cure for the common cold and a cure for cancer would solve all of our problems, but in Feed by Mira Grant it only creates a new one. Together these two cures, known as the Kellis-Amberlee virus, combined to form an airborne pathogen that caused the dead to reanimate. The year is 2039, 25 years after the spread of Kellis-Amberlee and Georgia and Shaun Mason, a brother and sister blogging team, are now the main source of news for the remaining population. Georgia is a Newsie, she reports the facts with little opinion as possible, and her brother Shaun is an Irwin, he likes to poke zombies with sticks. The Masons get an offer to join presidential candidate Peter Ryman on his campaign trail as blogging journalists. It’s a chance to make their careers or die trying.

In 2045 the world is run by the Confederation of the Willing. All citizens have a chip inserted into their necks, which can cause immobilization and even death to those who speak any red-listed words banned. Veracity by Laura Bynum introduces us to Harper Adams, a Monitor for the Confederation, who can read people’s emotions and identify them as enemies of the state. Upon hearing her daughter’s name on the red-list she begins to question her role in government. She is recruited by the resistance, who hope with the help of her unique gifts, they can gain freedom.

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