Good Shouters

I was raised listening to two bands: the Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Now that I’m older, I can fully appreciate Mick Jagger’s swagger and his singing, but as a child, I much preferred McCartney and Lennon. Why? Easy. Because they were shouters.

Since then, I’ve gravitated toward the shouting musicians. Punk is fun, and there’s lots of yelling to be found, but I prefer melodic, pop-y shouters.

A Short List of Good Shouters
The Beatles
Elvis Costello
Frank Black (The Pixies)
David Yow (Jesus Lizard)
Paul Westerberg (The Replacements)
The Violent Femmes
Jack White (The White Stripes, etc.)

If you can’t get enough yelling and screaming in your music, check out these punk histories:
A Cultural Dictionary of Punk by Nicholas Rombes
London’s Burning: True Adventures on the Frontlines of Punk, 1976-1977 by Dave Thompson
Pretty Vacant: A History of UK Punk by Phil Strongman

Next up, the talkers… I’m looking at you, Lou Reed.

4 thoughts on “Good Shouters”

  1. Correction for Linda: Has Been is the CD to which I refer. Shatner talks his way through some fascinating material. “Common People” track is FANTASTIC!

  2. I CANNOT believe I forgot to include the two bands that even made me THINK of this whole idea. That’s embarrassing!

    Arcade Fire
    Modest Mouse

    Phew. Now that’s better.

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