Reader’s Resolutions

Every New Year resolutions are made. Some go on diets. Some pledge to save. Some pledge to write those thank you cards in a timely manner.  Me, I resolve to do all of those things, but I usually also resolve to read more and more broadly. Not that I always succeed.

Here are some more general prompts or inspirations that I am going to try this year, to keep me honest:

  • I will read a big book (one of those doorstops I have heard are good, but have been avoiding)
  • I will read a book in translation
  • I will read a book with a bad cover (I will admit it, I judge books by their covers)
  • I will read a romance with a steamy cover on the bus
  • I will read a book of short stories
  • I will read genre fiction (ie. science fiction, fantasy, mystery, westerns, etc.)
  • I will read a book a friend told me to read
  • I will read a reprint
  • I will reread a book I loved
  • I will read a nonfiction book
  • I will read a local author

Here is a link to some more reader’s resolutions…

What will your reading resolutions be?

4 thoughts on “Reader’s Resolutions”

  1. Misha, I loved this post. Your list reminds me of the collaborative art assignments in the book LEARN TO LOVE YOU MORE.
    Here are a few more reading resolutions:
    1) Read a book out loud to a grown-up
    2) Read a book which takes place in the location of your next vacation
    3) Read a self-help book
    4) Re-read one of the books on your shelves at home

  2. Reblogged this on Lindsay, reading. and commented:
    A few years ago, a friend sent me a link to the Reader’s Resolutions post on the Shelf Talk blog. I came across the link again a few weeks ago when I was cleaning out my old emails, and am so glad I did! It’s a great list to help expand your reading.

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