Stupid Cupid

Oh, Valentine’s Day … how I utterly dislike you. Every year I try to avoid this holiday like the plague and try to come up with different ideas so the day doesn’t choke me with its pink tulle grocery store displays, giant 7-Eleven Valentine’s Day cards and red “I LOVE YOU” Mylar balloons. One year I was lucky enough to have all my friends available since we were all single. We decided to dress in black and go out to dinner together! It was lovely. This year, however, all my friends are coupled! What’s a single gal to do!?!?

Just by chance the book The Happy Baker: A Girl’s Guide to Emotional Baking by Erin Bolger caught my eye. I requested it and have been devouring it for two weeks now. Erin’s dating stories mirror so many others out there, but her humor and recipes kick it up a notch, such as her, Who Needs A Man On Valentine’s Day Biscotti Recipe! To read more about Erin, check out her website and blog. Also, keep an eye out for her show starting…guess?!… Febuary 14 on the Food Network.

So, with a bottle of white wine and my trusty black hammer, I plan on putting Erin’s recipes to good use … by devouring them! If a friend gets to take part in my plunge into sugar coma land — the more the merrier. And, if not? More for me! I’m taking February 14th back and celebrating myself!

No matter how you celebrate today, don’t forget about the amazing events our city has to offer for those who welcome Cupid or slam the door in his face!

One thought on “Stupid Cupid”

  1. I totally know what you mean. It was difficult to get into the grocery store yesterday without tripping over a heart of some sort!! Take back our holidays I say!!!

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