Books with green covers, literally

A favorite and fun library display to do is one which is literally a rainbow of covers. Library staff go on the search for books with covers in primary and other major colors. These finds are displayed on book easels. Then the serendipitious time happens with people pausing, contemplating, oohing and chuckling. Keeping in mind that the St. Patrick’s Day holiday is this week, I asked my fellow library workers to find some books with green covers. The following is a quick list of titles and authors; just a fraction of what was found in the matter of 12 hours. Click on the covers or titles that catch your eye!

by Jacqueline Davis
by Jean Kwok
by George Gessert

And, for mystery lovers, there is Apple Turnover Murder by Joanne Fluke and Cockatiels at Seven by Donna Andrews. Jerry Spinelli has followed up the teen novel called Stargirl with Love, Stargirl.

by J. California Cooper

by Jonis Agee





Continuing to be a book club favorite is The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by C. Alan Bradley. Matched by Allyson Braithwaite Condy is a new teen novel.

For book suggestions with green or other colors of covers, visit your library, click on Explore when searching the library catalog or Ask a Librarian!

One thought on “Books with green covers, literally”

  1. I’m always pleasantly surprised by how much people like the color themed displays we do at the library, and also how some displays which weren’t intended as color themed wind up being that. No big surprise that our current display of fiction and non-fiction centering around gardening looks like a real bouquet of green and floral tones, but also there have been spy novel displays that looked like black & white photo albums, and a recent display of fiction with games and puzzles in it had a nifty clockwork appearance, with lots of gears and chessboard squares, jigsaw pieces and crossword blanks.

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