March Question of the Month: an irregular series

I’m doing geneological research and had trouble browsing the 1910 Census records due to insufficient information. The city of Lanark, Montana in 1910–what county was it in? what Township & Enumeration District was 1910 Lanark, Montana considered to be in?

Hello, and thank you for using our Ask a Librarian service.   Your request for information on the 1910 Census enumeration district for Lanark, Montana, was referred to the History Department for a response.

The present location of Lanark, Montana (it is not currently listed as a place on Montana State Highway Maps, but is on U.S. Route 2, between Bainville and Culbertson near the North Dakota border) is in Roosevelt County. However, Roosevelt County was not created until 1919 from Sheridan County, which in turn was created in 1913 from Valley County. Valley County was created in 1893 from Dawson County.

So, for the 1910 Census, Lanark was in Valley County. The list of Enumeration Districts for Valley County in 1910 (on Ancestry Library Edition) includes some named places and a lot of school districts.

Bainville School District Enumeration District seems to be a likely one to check. Bainville is about 3.5 miles east of Lanark. The next closest town is Culbertson, about 7 miles west. There are no direct road connections on a current highway map to areas north or south of Lanark. Google Maps shows the area. See

A USGS topographical sheet for Montana (Bainville) and an adjoining sheet (McCabe East) puts Lanark at Township 28 N and Range 57 E.   Some of the census sheets show township and range. The Bainville School District Enumeration District pages show T28 N and R58 E. A check of some of the other enumeration districts do not show township and range.

You may have to check each enumeration distrtict in Valley County for 1910 to find the people you are looking for. At least the population in the area is pretty sparse, so browsing may not be too onerous.

We hope this information will be helpful in your search.

Happy hunting!

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