Our online book group discusses “Little Bee”

We’ve been talking for years about doing an online book discussion group, but we never saw a model that really inspired us. It’s easy enough to start something online, but how do you get people to actually show up? People might be eager to share an opinion, but how do you create enough of a sense of a community that the reader will want to come back to the discussion to see what others have said and to add more thoughts?

Facebook seems a fairly obvious place to start (and NPR has done two book discussions on their NPR Books Facebook page), especially since the Library has a community of 10,600 readers right there.  So … today, in conjunction with Seattle Reads, we launched an online book discussion of Little Bee by Chris Cleave. You can head over to our Library’s Facebook page, or directly to our LITTLE BEE: Online Book Discussion. (It’s under the “Discussions” link that’s in the left-hand column.)

If any community of readers can make an online book discussion successful, we’re figuring it’s Seattle readers. Stop by if you can. And next Wednesday, at 3:30 p.m., the author will be stopping by our Facebook discussion to answer reader questions and add some of his thoughts on the discussion.

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