Baking Day Adventure!

Martha Stewart’s New Pies and Tarts: 150 Recipes for Old-Fashioned Favorites and Modern Classics came in recently and I was shocked to find it had no holds so I snapped it up and promised my co-workers that goodies would soon be on the way.

I had a whole day off set aside to bake! I read through the cookbook and decided on three recipes: Chewy Chess Tart, Apple Butter Hand Pies, and Quiche. After making a list of the groceries I needed to buy I realized I didn’t have a tart pan! And neither did QFC, Safeway, and True Value…dang! Luckily, I was able to find a spring form pan, which would have to suffice. I started off making the dough for the quiche and ran into another problem…I didn’t own a rolling pin either?! After running around my house trying to find a substitute I settled on my crystal vase…sad, but true. It worked out just fine, but so far it wasn’t the easy recipes stopping me, but my lack of kitchen supplies.

After I formed the crust for the quiche and put it in the oven I worked on my chewy chess tart…well, the Nilla wafer crust didn’t come up as high up on the sides as I would like, but it should be ok…right?! I swapped out the crusts in the oven and started working on the filling for the quiche. This is where I remind everyone to make sure you read the directions cause instead of properly layering the quiche: cheese, sautéed mushrooms, green onions, crumbled bacon, then egg mixture I tossed it all together…but luckily it turned out perfect!!

Once I poured the chess tart filling onto the Nilla wafer crust I just hoped it would all work out because it definitely went over the edge of the crust…and as it was baking in the oven it started to ooze out the bottom of the pan!! I grabbed a cookie sheet and put it under it to keep it from blackening the bottom of my oven…again read the directions because it said to do this… it magically worked out and after chilling in the fridge was remarkable!

I had much better luck with the Apple Butter Hand Pies! I used my fancy crystal vase! I had a jar of amazing Apple Butter I found recently! And once they were put together I popped them in the oven!

This cookbook was so clear and precise…I just got too excited! And I’m sure I could have kept my kitchen mishaps a secret considering how great everything turned out, but cooking requires mistakes…one should never take themselves too seriously so as to always leave room for an adventure…and a little quick wit!

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