Origami Boxes

I like to fold paper. A lot. I don’t like make cranes, other cute animals or little people. I like making boxes, and putting together geometric shapes.

There is one origami author and artist that is the queen of such things: Tomoko Fuse. Her boxes can be fairly (and I use the term loosely) simple, to quite complex and amazing.

A couple of my favorite books of hers are: Origami Boxes and Fabulous Origami Boxes

Tomoko Fuse (born 1951) is generally considered to be one of the pre-eminent living Japanese Origami geniuses. Tomoko first learned origami when she was 19 and in the hospital. She has published more than 60 books.

Another book of hers in a slightly different direction is: Unit Polyhedoron Origami

If you are a paper folder, or wish to be one, but don’t really want to make cranes and cute animals, these are the books for you.

       ~ Mike B., Central Library

10 thoughts on “Origami Boxes”

  1. I have seen Mike B’s origami boxes and they are fabulous! So intricate and lovely… I’ve never been able to catch on to making even the simplest crane, but maybe I’ll check out one of these books and give a box a go!!

  2. Wow. I love origami, but I only have so much shelf space to display my creations. Boxes is a great idea, because I can use them for gifts or jewelry…I’ve never seen these before. Love them. Thank you.

  3. I was just searching around looking for some fun things to do with the kids next week – I’m going to get this book and give it a try!

  4. Cool. This makes me want to know more. How did origami get started? Were the originals animals and people or ‘practical’ things like boxes?

  5. I’ve done some origami, and just looking at the pictures of the geometrical shapes I would suggest starting with the boxes. These books look really good. I hope the directions include good illustrations, that is really helpful.

  6. This makes me almost want to try origami. I never like all the cranes and frogs and things, but this looks interesting. Anyone else tried it yet? Do the boxes turn out as good as the pictures?

  7. This is appealing! All the other blog books look heavy and intellectual (or horror – yuck) and not summer fare. Thanks for something a little different!

  8. I love Tomoko Fuse’s boxes! (You can also make them with fabric.) I, also, prefer geometric folds. Others with similar preferences might like kusudama patterns.

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